Share Account

Share Account

At PSCU our Shares is the building block for a member to access and enjoy the products and services also allowing you to become a part owner of the Credit Union. As a shareholder you are entitled to an equal distribution of any profits that are declared in the form of dividends.

Requirements for opening Share Account for Adults
  • Completion of a membership application form
  • Two (2) forms of valid identification
  • Utility bill/ Bank Statement in your name and address No older than three months
  • One (1) Passport size photo
  • Registration fee of $10.00 (TT)
  • $5.00 (TT) Share Purchase
  • A salary deduction/standing order is to be completed
Requirements for opening Share Account for Young Adults (3 months – 17 years)
  • Completion of a membership application form
  • Electronic Birth certificate
  • One (1) Passport size photo
  • Share purchase $5.00 (TT) minimum
Benefits of Share Account
  • Dividends are paid on share savings annually.
  • In the event of your death, benefits are transferred to your beneficiary.
  • Shares are covered by insurance for a maximum benefit of $25,000.00 (TT)
  • Your shares are a means of security and are used as collateral for loans.
  • Your share represent a demonstration of saving – the ability to manage money wisely and profitably.

Deposit Account

Savings Deposit Account

This account allows you to save your funds, as well as allowing for easy access to deposit and withdraw your cash, while earning interest up to 0.5% quarterly.

Requirements to Access Decposit
  • Approved Membership
Benefits of Deposit Account
  • It is a flexible account which allows deposit and withdrawal.
  • Attractive quarterly Interest Rates.
  • Salaries could be deposited to this account.
  • Personal cheques can be deposited to this account.
  • Standing Order cheques can be set up to pay your montly deductions.