Silver Club

Silver Club

Supporting, Strengthening, Serving

The Silver Club is a group account which provides you our fifty five (55) years and over members with benefits to your savings and loans accounts. To become a "Silver Citizen " requires a fee of Fifty dollars ($50) annually or One hundred and fifty dollars ($150) for your lifetime and a minimum of Two Thousand ($2,000) share balance.

  • Increase in the annual rate of your deposit by 0.5%
  • Exemption on all your service charges
  • Reduction on your annual rate on new ordinary loans to 0.5%
  • No appointment is required for obtaining services
  • Discount on general Insurance through COLFIRE Silver Club Committee
Silver Club Committee:

The Silver Club Committee consists of persons selected from within the Credit Union Membership. The Committee adheres to the true meaning of the term "Silver Citizen", as they ensure members enjoys special privileges and benefits.

The Responsibilities:
  • To develop social and cultural activities
  • To encourage you after retirement to continue building on your savings
  • To maintain a minimal share balance of $ 2,000.00
Our Silver Club Members are as follows:
  • Name Position
  • Mr Derek Greaves Chairperson
  • Ms Shirley Medford Vice-Chairperson
  • Ms Lolitta Wheeler Treasurer
  • Ms Cynthia Francis Secretary 
  • Ms Esther Mc Ewen Asst. Secretary
  • Mr Michael Isaac Trustee
  • Mr Audrey HolderTrustee
  • Mr Peter O'Neil Member


Support your Silver Club 

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